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1, according to the level of wooden keel to be padded height to decide to use the height of the deck, [url=http://waterproofboards.com/wholesale-deck/2985.html ]cheapest outdoor composite prodcuts[/url]deck or wood block as the keel pad; keel pad height above a certain height need to adjust the use of the keel and expansion nail length, Layer keel;

2, the first choice of a certain distance between the two keel parallel to the level of leveling, [url=http://waterproofboards.com/cheap-plank/5228.html ]Unique Composite Wood for Sale[/url]and then the keel vertical direction followed by leveling, all the keel nails and nails into the expansion of the fixed keel;

3, on the laying of the wooden keel for a comprehensive level and firmness testing,[url=http://waterproofboards.com/plastic-board/87.html ]composite exterior wood handrail[/url] to the standard before proceeding to the next step of the construction;

4, once again after the ground cleaning, in the wood keel between the laying of pest control agent,[url=http://waterproofboards.com/wood-deck/107.html ]Prefab Outdoor Wooden Fence Sections[/url] laying moisture barrier film above the wood keel. Moisture-proof membrane laying joints should be about 5cm overlap (the floor should be overlapping 10cm above and sealed with tape, bent up against the wall, the height does not exceed the height of baseboard).


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