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About Falling object protectionWhen the [url=http://www.sanyglobal.com/product/excavator/]Excavator[/url] is operating in placeswhere the cab is likely to be hit or invadedby falling objects, scattered materials andforeign bodies, protective covers shall beused to protect the operator.In demolishing or breaking operation, a front guard is necessary. [url=http://www.sanyglobal.com/product/excavator-small/]Compact Excavator[/url] In addition, atransparent glass film shall be applied ontothe front window.In a coal mine or a quarry where falling objects are present, install falling object protection structures (FOPS) and front guard,and apply a transparent glass film onto thefront window. The operator shall wear ahard hat and goggles.Keep the front window shut in such conditions and make sure other people are kepta safe distance away from the operatingarea. [url=http://www.sanyglobal.com/product/excavator-large/]Large Excavators[/url]Attachment installation safety tipsInstallation of optional excavator parts or attachmentsmay involve safety issues or be limited bythe law. In this case, please contact your [url=http://www.sanyexcavator.com/]Sany[/url] dealer in advance. SANY has no responsibility for the use of unauthorized attachments and parts,hence the injury, accidents and productfailure.Before installing and using [url=http://www.sanyglobal.com/product/excavator-mini/]Mini Excavator[/url] attachments, read related instructions regardingthe attachment and general precautions onattachment in this manual.Different or combined work equipment maycollide with the cab or interfere with otherexcavatorcomponents. Before operating workequipment you are not familiar with, check theclearance between it and the excavator and operate carefully. [url=http://www.sanyexcavator.com/]http://www.sanyexcavator.com[/url]


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